Candace Robertson

One educator, determined to create an engaging and dynamic experience for learners of all ages.

Philosophy of Education

I believe that the goal of education is to lay a strong foundation for future learning. It should provide students with the processing and critical thinking skills necessary to become a contributing member of our ever-changing society. As an educator, I must prepare my learners to meet the expectations which will be placed on them in higher education and in life.

Equal education calls for differentiated education. The purpose of a teacher is to inform and instill a passion for learning within each and every one of their students. Through integrating different styles of learning into the classroom, students have a better chance at gaining and retaining the knowledge which is presented to them. In this, students are able to develop skills of metacognition and have the opportunity to grow as a learner. It is of utmost importance for the students to be engaged in lessons.  I believe that through creativity, enthusiasm, and appealing to the different learning styles, this is an obtainable goal.  Engaged students actively construct their own knowledge and that should be the aim of quality education.

One of the most crucial aspects of successful teaching calls for the creation of a classroom community. This can be acquired by providing the students with shared experiences. These experiences help the students feel comfortable in their learning environment, making it acceptable for mistakes to be made. From mistakes, we can learn. Having a classroom that is unified and that is working towards a common goal allows for an extremely positive atmosphere. With a positive atmosphere in place, students are able to set and strive towards achieving challenging goals.

Believing that children are sponges to knowledge, it is my calling to challenge them to reach beyond what they believe they are able to achieve. I wish to instill a passion for education through raising their self confidence, self esteem, self efficacy, and self awareness. Reinforcing the skills of self discipline will allow for fun-filled and imaginative exploration. I will continually be providing students with feedback and will always be searching for ways to improve my own techniques. This includes establishing and maintaining a partnership with families of students, colleagues, and the administration.

Teaching is an art form which must be practiced and refined. As a teacher, one is always learning. I feel that education is about opportunity. I am humbled by the great chance to impact lives of future generations and to pursue life-long educational goals. I look forward to the commitment of providing every student with the tools necessary to build upon their foundation of success.