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Inside of My Brain…Developing an App List for 1:1 Implementation

Where do you even start when trying to determine what apps are appropriate for your students and your context? My colleague and I spent months researching strategies for app evaluation, discovering apps, and reviewing them last Spring. We were using TPACK and the SAMR Model to guide our thoughts. I’ve recently tried to compile our process for evaluation in this document.  I’d appreciate any feedback you have! We knew we wanted to be able to provide transformative learning experiences and a lens for seeing the iPad as a set of resources to support learning across conent areas. It wasn’t until we stumbled across EdTech Teacher’s post, that we had clarity for sharing our vision.  Here’s the foundation for how we see our student iPads:

The Structure:

  • iPad as a Utility: PowerSchool, Calculator, Quick Voice Pro, QR Reader
  • iPad as a Productivity/Organization Tool:  Evernote, Wunderlist, 30/30, Reminders, Calendar
  • iPad as a Workflow Tool:  Notability, Google Drive, Schoology all sync together

Accessing Content:

  • iPad as an Information Consumption Tool: Safari, BrainPop, Earth Viewer, Eduview, Follett Digital Reader, Google Earth, Khan Academy, Science 360, Smithsonian, TED, Subtext

Content Processing:

  • iPad as a Brainstorming/Mind Mapping Tool: Popplet, iCardSort, Flashcardlet, Brainscape

Organizing Content/Resources:

  • iPad as a Curation Tool (Organizing Content): Diigo, Evernote

 Checking and Clarifying Understanding:

  • iPad as a Formative and Summative Assessment Tool:  Ask 3, Socrative, Sign+, Schoology (any app in the next section could also be utilized in this category as well)

Demonstration of Understanding/Reflection:

  • iPad as a Word Processing/Presentation Tool : Google Drive, Notability, Keynote
  • iPad as a Creation/Product Tool: Educreations, Doceri, Book Creator, Tellagami
  • iPad as a Media Editing Tool: iMovie, Ubersense, GarageBand, iMotion HD, Video FX Live, Aviary, Skitch
  • iPad as an Illustration Tool: Brushes, Doodle Buddy, Sumo Paint, Animation Desk Lite, Hopscotch

Sharing Understanding:

  • iPad as a Collaboration Tool: Subtext, Schoology, Google Drive, Ask3
  • iPad as a Global Sharing Tool:  Portfolios created with Google Sites on the iPad, Kidblog, Classroom Websites

Click here to see our full app list!  *With this being our first year piloting at the middle school level, some apps may seem repetitive as we are trying to figure out which are most successful for our learners and their needs.


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