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“Creativity, Collaboration and the Common Core” Presentation @ Tech Forum, Chicago 2013

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On May 3rd, I had the privilege to present at Tech & Learning‘s Tech Forum in Chicago. Along with six other colleagues, we each discussed how technology can help us reach the CCSS through creativity and collaboration.  This was an interesting presentation because we combined individual proposals to work within one large team.  Through the use of a Google Doc, we put our individual presentations in order and never met until the day of the conference.  My original submission was done with three MSU MAET classmates and our segment of the presentation covered this concept through the TPACK lens.  Here’s our official, snazzy blurb:

“The presenters for this session span elementary through secondary grades and specialize in a wide range of subject areas, including art, music, ESL, foreign language, math, and social studies. What they share is a passion for incorporating technology into the curriculum in ways that lead to engagement and motivation. You’ll hear about a variety of powerful, project-based learning experiences that support Common Core standards while infusing the arts across the curriculum and providing authentic opportunities for students to collaborate and learn” (, 2013).

Check out our presentation here!

Check out our presentation to-go Edcanvas here!

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