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SAMR in 120 Seconds

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I finally had a few moments to finish up the SAMR “Flash PD” that was next on my list.  It took me longer to figure out an idea to visually represent this model.  I knew I wanted to use Playdoh® because I feel that the SAMR Model shows how technology can be molded to fit our needs.  Also, it brings forth the idea that we can either be rigid or malleable in our use of technology.  So, we are really looking at the flexibility of technology and the flexibility of our own ideas through this lens.  The concept of transforming student learning also brought the Playdoh® straight to my mind.  Once I had the idea…and found the Playdoh® (seriously, I had to order it), it was a quick creation because my ideas were focused and I had time to process the big picture and details before I ever set the camera up.  I’m looking forward to my next “Flash PD”- maybe Transliteracy?

Specific Tools Used:

  • iPhone (photo capture)
  • Tripod, yard stick, and masking tape (now my go-to set up to get my overhead shot)
  • A paint stick to make my “Redefnition” tennis ball look like it was bouncing
  • Playdoh®
  • Pixlr  (to edit my photos and look like the Playdoh® was really in different places)
  • Screenshots of Google Docs
  • PowerPoint (recreated version of the SAMR Model to use for PD)

A Peek Behind the Scenes:

Making of SAMR in 120 Sec.

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